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~ ~  Funeral Planning Guide  ~ ~
(you may want to "copy & paste" this into a "word file")

Each one of us devotes substantial time and energy to caring for our loved ones.  We do this in many ways, trying our best to provide physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial support for our family and friends.  Even in death, we try to provide aid and comfort via life insurance, wills, funeral prearrangements and the like.  However, an often overlooked detail is to simply provide a personal planning guide.  At a minimum you should consider completing the following personal planning guide.  Obviously you should also tell your loved ones where it can be located. 

This act of love will make a difficult time so much easier for everyone, and you will rest assured that your wishes are carried through.

Signature:      ­­______________________________________

Date:               ______________________________________

People to Notify

List of family, friends and associates who should be notified of your death

Name             __________________________________________________________

Relationship __________________________________________________________

Address         __________________________________________________________

City     _____________________  State  _______________  Zip Code  ___________

Home Phone _________________  Cell Phone  ___________  Work ____________

Name             __________________________________________________________

Relationship __________________________________________________________

Address         __________________________________________________________

City     _____________________  State  _______________  Zip Code  ___________

Home Phone _________________  Cell Phone  ___________  Work ____________

Funeral Preferences

Information for the Funeral Director

Funeral Director of choice:

Place of Service:

Special Requests: (ie: music; photos; etc.)

Preferred Casket:

Clothing/Jewelry instructions:

Lodge/society/fraternal organizations:

Donations/In lieu of flowers:

Cemetery Name:

Cemetery Location:

Plot owned? Section and Lot Number:

Final disposition (earth, mausoleum entombment, cremation/inurnment, other)

Memorial Tablet:

Type and Inscription:

U Service Preferences   U


~ Some of my favorite things ~

Type of Service:




Choir if available?    Y / N        Song/Hymn of choice:

Favorite Flower:

Favorite Color:





One of my fondest memories:

I want to be remembered for:

~ Suggested Obituary Information ~

Newspapers to notify:

Full Name with Maiden name:

Town of residence:

Date/place of death:

Date/place of birth:

Father’s Name:

Mother’s Maiden Name:

Spouse’s name:

Children (Spouses) and their places of residence:

Grandchildren and their places of residence:

Brothers/Sisters and their places of residence:



Religious affiliation:


Military record:

Employment information:


Other information to include: (ie:  “In lieu of flowers donation to…..”)

~ ~   Personal and Private Information   ~ ~

Please keep this Section with your legal documents

Notify your beneficiaries of their location

~ Location of Important Papers ~

*Give copy to Attorney or Trusted Individual

Birth Certificate:

Marriage Certificate:

Insurance Policies:

Last Will and Testament:

Savings account passbooks:

Bank account: Bank & Account Numbers:

Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Fund Certificates (brokerage accounts):

Military Records:

Automobile Records:

Property Information/Deeds:

Mortgage holders:

Retirements Plans:

Safe Deposit Box:


Credit Card Institutions:


Vital Statistics

Private personal information to be kept in your personal files

Full Name:

Street Address:

City/State/Zip Code:

Years at this address:

Social Security Number:

Date/Place of Birth:

Number of years of residence in present County:

Number of years of residence in present State:

Citizenship Status:


Years of Employment:



Marital status/date/spouse’ name:

Maiden Name:


Veteran’s serial or regimental number:


Name of any War of Service:

Place and date of discharge:

Father’s name/place of birth:

Mother’s name/maiden name/place of birth:

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