Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Worshipping with Trinity Episcopal Church
120 Broad Street ~  Claremont, New Hampshire 03743 

     Online Discussion Group

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, is located in Claremont New Hampshire. During our March 2011 congregational council meeting we had a discussion about what are the needs or concerns people have about "the church" and how these concerns affect them personally.   We decided that we'd try having an online discussion group to see if anyone is willing to assist us and volunteer their view points.  

So I guess to get things going here....  lets start with a simple question

9/14/2011  Images of God & Being Still...

To submit your post, email to:  Please include on the subject line: POP Discussion Group

                        ** Important Notice**
By submitting your viewpoints to this webpage, you are also agreeing to allow me to post your viewpoints on this page so that others can join in the conversation.  Your email address will not be posted on this site.  Posting submitted discussions will be at the webmasters discretion.  (That would be me, Christine)

9/2011 CaC wrote:  " Being Still allows me to actually see God.  I could be zooming down the road, talking away, listening to the radio etc.. and not see anything because I'm too absorbed in the "Now"...  But if I stop talking for a moment.. (Some may say that for me to stop talking would be God's miracle in it self!) But, when I do stop talking, I might be able to notice the hawk soring over a field that is lined with colored maple trees..   There!! in the beauty of that moment I can actually feel God's handy work. (Even when I'm zooming down the road).     Or Being Still when I feel so fustrated about something in my life.  If I'm flailing around like a loonybird, I'm apt to miss the Lords attempt to get my attention - showing me the way out of my situation.  Be still and rest your burdens gently down at the Lord's feet... He'll take care of everything!


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