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April 16, 2015


Pastor’s Easter Message


            Happy Easter!! Although Easter Sunday was nearly two weeks ago, we are just at the beginning of the Easter season in the Church Year.  This holy time of year is sometimes referred to as a Week of Weeks since Easter lasts for seven weeks.  The celebration begins on Easter Sunday, or the Resurrection of our Lord and ends on Pentecost, which is sometimes called the birthday of the Church.  The festival of Pentecost recalls the time when the disciples received the Holy Spirit and were commissioned to share the Good News about Jesus. 

            Easter begins with those moments of surprise, joy and alarm when the women arrive at the tomb to take care of Jesus’ body, only to find the tomb empty.  The joy follows the mourning and despair that had accompanied Jesus’ death on the cross.  Although Jesus had promised his disciples that he would be raised from the dead, and that he would again see his disciples in Galilee, they were anticipating the worst.  Based on their knowledge of the world, the disciples were not able to visualize their Lord coming back to them.     

I imagine that the disciples’ inability to imagine Jesus’ resurrection is something like our inability to conjure up an image of spring during one of the worst winters in recent history.  As I sat huddled in multiple layers of clothing, hunkered down in my home, with snow up to the window sills, it was difficult to envision flowers again bursting forth from the frozen ground.  Although I could not see spring flowers, I could hope for them.   St. Paul writes, in his letter to the Romans, “if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”  The disciples were waiting for something they were not able see, just as I was awaiting that first spring flower, that I was not yet able to see.

            And just this week, from the still frozen brown ground in my yard, a couple of purple crocuses popped out.  The flowers that I was unable to envision just a few short weeks ago are now the hope turned into reality.  “If we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

            In the promises that are made to us in baptism, we are promised new life in Jesus Christ.  Just as Jesus was raised from the tomb, we, too will be raised into a new life.  This is a difficult concept for many of us.  We are no more able to visualize this new life in Christ, than I was able to see the small purple crocuses growing and budding beneath the snowy ground.  Yet we can hope for something we cannot see and we can wait for it with patience.

            In this Easter season, may you trust in the joy of the resurrection, be rewarded by the sight of the flowering growth all around us, and wait with patience for the new life that is promised to you.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Pat

























































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