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Worshipping with Trinity Episcopal Church
120 Broad Street ~  Claremont, New Hampshire 03743 

September Vestry Minutes

Trinity Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting 
September 9, 2018

Opening Prayer:

Trinity Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting September 9, 2018

 Rector Richard Davenport offered opening prayerCheck In & Devotion:

 Members share a high point and a low point each had experienced and how members wereaware of God’s presences in it.

Clerk’s Report:

 Liz Weber moved and Doreen Jevons seconded the August minutes to be approved as presented. The motion carried with no objections or abstentions.

Treasurer’s Report: See Attached

  •   To use 20,000.00 advancement out of briggs trust endowments There is a need to use a to help

    us get through the end of the year, which is within the 65,000 budgeted amount

  •   Jackie Hall moved and Geoff Shepherd seconded the Treasurer’s report accepted as presented. The motion carried with no objections or abstentions.

  •   Steve Nemi provides payroll and accounting services. These services will continue to be monitored by the Vestry for timeliness and accuracy.

Sr. Warden Report

 UVIP Micah Award ad needed for the Micah Award Booklet.o Purpose is to support UVIP.

o Jackie Hall moved and Bill Quinn seconded to purchase a $150 ad size for Trinity and Prince of Peace sharing the cost, $75.00 each. The motion carried with no objections or abstentions.

o Michelle Holvani is Trinity and Prince of Peace Vestry’s nomination as an honoree for the 2018 Micah Award. She asked family and friends to make donations to the Backpack Program for 16th birthday totaling $500.00.

  •   Vestry terms for January 2019
    o Nominations Committee: Richard Davenport, Jackie Hall, Geoff Shepherd, Liz Weber,

    and Doreen Jevons.

  •   Reminder...Hannaford’s Cookbook on sale now. The Backpack Program has been chosen as the

    community group to receive 1⁄2 of sale price per copy $10.00 in September 2018.

  •   Name Tags

o The tags have been made by Karen Gallagher.

o Geoff Shepherd will work on making two sets of Name Tag Return Hook (storage) Boards- one for each entrance

o Extra Blank Name Tags need to be made so that the tags are available for visitors at the back of the church at the program table. Geoff will work with Karen on this task.

Jr Warden Report

Great America Copier-leased copier

  •   Make last payment and then they tell us where to send it.

  •   $347 buy out cost copier, which may be cheaper than shipping.

  •   Geoff will follow up and pursue the cheapest method for getting rid of the copier.

    Top Windows-Clerestory

  •   American Plate Glass will fix the windows

    Key Box

  •   Working well

  •   If batteries die, then use a 9 volt battery on the two terminals located on the bottom of the box. Bats

  •   Bat Blasters seem to be working. Roof

  •   At least water, if not bats, are getting in by the cross that is leaning back

  •   Wood structure is getting saturated by water

  •   This will need to be addressed by taking it off and sealing the leak.

o Geoff will look into having this done Chimneys

  •   Parts are broken from one chimney-the big chimney cap

  •   The second chimney is in better shape.

  •   Vent fans for furnace as exhaust fail repeatedly

  •   It is not lined.

  •   When the roof is addressed, then that is the time to line the chimneys Lights in stairway/long hall in basement

  •   Sparks were reported when switch was turned on.

  •   The fittings have been replaced and LED bulbs because it was a matter of safety.

    Men’s bathroom faucets

  •   Shut off values need new packing-leaking

  •   Plumber changed shut off values on sinks and toilets in both the men’s and women’s restrooms

    as it was a matter of safety.


  •   Beginning to improve...lessening

  •   Poison being used

  •   Geoff will continue to address the issue.

    Recotr’s Repaor:

 Vestry Meeting Day
o WillContinuetoMeetonSundaysfornow.o It will be 11:45-1:00PM.
o 2nd Sunday

Renewal Works

 Chris H. -professor volunteered to be a facilitator
o Sendhertothefacilitator’straining
o Up to 600 expense to get her trained depending how split (Diocese, Parish, Facilitator)o Richard moved and Liz seconded to send Chris to the two day Discipleship Matters paid

out of the line of Clergy Discretionary Line Reformation Sunday, October 28th POP Trinity 10:30

  •   Karen and Judy would like to have a dialogue presentation done during the sermon portion of the service.

  •   Karen and Judy will explore getting the group

  •   Consider joint service with Union-St. Luke’s Trinity & POP

    All Saints Sunday November 4th-regular service
    St. Luke’s Sunday October 21st-Joint at Union-St. Luke’s 10:30UVIP Micah Award Ceremony- Reformation Sunday Stewardship Campaign

  •   -Time to build a budget on what we get for pledges

  •   Consider revising pledge update letters to be more thankful and informative of where pledges

    are spent. End notes with a reminder of the contributed .....Amount you pledged......amount paid to date.

    December 2nd First Sunday of Advent

 Past Practices:
o PMCandlelightServiceatTrinity
o No Christmas Day Service unless it is a Sundayo Lessons and Carols at Union St. Luke’s
o Guided...MeditationQuietDays....

Geoff Shepherd moved and Jackie Hall seconded to adjourn. Motion carried with no objections or abstentions.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kimberlee Terrien Trinity Parish Clerk

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