Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Worshipping with Trinity Episcopal Church
120 Broad Street ~  Claremont, New Hampshire 03743 

Vestry Minutes of Trinity Episcopal Church  

August 12, 2018
Present: Rev. Richard Davenport, Rector; Jacquelyn Hall, Senior Warden; Geoffrey Shepherd, Jr. Warden; Benji Ambrose, Diocese; Eileen Dohrman, Doreen Jevons, Middleton McGoodwin, Bill Quinn, Liz Weber

Opening Prayer led by Richard @ 12:00.
Check in & Devotion
*Clerk’s Report: Kim is in Maine, her father has Pancreatic Cancer.
*Liz made a motion to accept the June Vestry minutes, Doreen seconded; the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Roger left a copy of the budget for everyone to examine.
*Rector travel @ 7 months seems questionable and we will need Roger to explain as it isn’t recognizable to Richard.
* Payroll taxes seem off.
*Richard stated there have been some issues with Steve Nimi. He missed 1 pay period. Then when asked, he said It would be in Monday, but it wasn’t. Richard would like to investigate other book keepers.
*The Vestry misses Roger.
*Geoff made motion, 2nd by Liz, to accept the Treasurer’s report. The motion passed.

Senior Warden: Jackie passed around a copy of the second order made from the NH Food Bank to support the backpack Program. Buying from the NH Food Bank will save the program hundreds of dollars.
*Liz is willing to be a substitute for the backpack program when someone is unavailable.
*Jackie asked for permission to change name of the separate account for the Backpacks from the Renovation Fund to The Children’s Backpack Fund. The Vestry agreed.
*Linda continues to be concerned that someone will trip over the area carpet under the conference table. Discussion followed of options of placing it elsewhere, including hanging it on the wall in the Parish Hall to help with acoustics.

Jr. Warden: *Geoff has installed an ultrasound bat blaster. Now there is more evidence of bats than before. The manufacturer says it disturbs the comfort of the bats so—give a couple of weeks.
*Carpet is completed in the choir area and the hallway will be done this week.
*It will cost $350 For Lexon cover over top two windows. Benji recommended Lexon on outside and inside should be vented to let heat escape. The likely cause of bulging is due to heat from the outside Lexon. This is a temporary safety measure until restoration and stabilization of stained glass can be done. Vestry granted Geoff permission to go ahead with the job.
*Poly on floor will be tabled for now.
*Back door has an electronic lock box. After Friday use a designated number to get a key to enter. The key will be on a wire so no one will walk off with the key. Different numbers would be given to groups that use the church. When entering, the numbers used to enter will be recorded and can be matched to the person issued the number. Data will record the number used to enter, the time and day of entry. Middleton suggested each person have his / her own number for security.
*Geoff hired a locksmith from Lebanon for $230.00 to rekey all four locks. It will cost $23.00 a lock. There are presently 74 keys in circulation.
* Karen will keep the new log of keys and of the numbers assigned to individuals or groups. *Only 15 keys will be made. The code will be used by everyone without a numbered key.
*Geoff is planning to have the keys next Sunday.
*The sign outside has been set up with Richard’s name.
*Richard requested the major signage should be changed to show a joint ministry of Trinity & Prince of Peace.
*Friday morning at 10:00 the health inspector will come to inspect the kitchen.
* Geoff will make Signage for groups who use the kitchen to keep it clean and leave no food
outside of a container.
*Trevor Dickerman, who mows the lawn, has been asked to cut hedges. The charge will be $75.
*JP Pest says there may be an opening at front of church roof. It is possible bats have found a new entry. Geoff has asked someone to come with a drone to take pictures.
*Geoff has spent $390.00 on projects so far.

Rector: *Over the summer a racial healing working group has met at Trinity.
*UVIP has sponsored communication workshops to engage with people in the community. *UVIP has hired an organizer for Claremont and will be beginning listening sessions from faith communities. Trinity is the first faith community to engage with an organizer.
*GSOP (Granite State Organizing Project) is state wide organizing around social justice issues and has a sub group canvasing in the Claremont area. GSOP will use the undercroft of Trinity this fall and provide a fee of $100 each week to defray expenses related to utilities etc. Richard has drawn up a use agreement that is values based not party based. GSOP is a 503c compatible nonprofit. They engage with community action, Immigrant justice, and are a faith in action group.
*Richard has found it most helpful learning that engaging in the community is a vocation that helps Richard learn to balance clergy roles with community organization.

Items for Discernment: *Renewal Works process. Prospective timeline. A facilitator is needed to work with Tina to facilitate the workshop. An administrator will be needed to keep track of surveys and to be sure there is a statistically significant number of Surveys returned, have frequent communications on renewal works and any barriers.
Liz stated that she is available to participate in the workshops.

Middleton shared his learning through the Racial Healing Working Group:
Middleton stated that an educated person realizes how little they know. He shared a Letter to the Editor he has written. As white people we are immune to racism. Awareness is the key and it will take a very low time to develop. After a year, he is just beginning to understand racism. It is an uncomfortable topic and immunity from it, and lack of discussion about it, perpetuates racism.

Follow up:
*Posting of minutes is improved.
*Name tags to be typed by Karen.

Meetings: Sunday after church doesn’t seem to be working. Therefore, Richard will send out a doodle poll to the Vestry.
*Liz requested an advance copy of the Agenda for upcoming meetings.
*Geoff. No one complaining about anything.

AT 1:50 PM the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jacquelyn L. Hall, Senior Warden
Clerk Pro Tem

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