Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Worshipping with Trinity Episcopal Church
120 Broad Street ~  Claremont, New Hampshire 03743 
                         Who are the Lutherans?

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, is located in Claremont New Hampshire. During our March 2011 congregational council meeting we had a discussion about what are the needs or concerns people have about "the church" and how these concerns affect them personally.   We decided that we'd try having an online discussion group to see if anyone is willing to assist us and volunteer their view points.
         Lutherans Look Like You

Lutherans look like people around the world- for indeed they are.  They represent the world's largest Protestant group.  The 58 million lutherans can be found on every continent.  They worship in hundreds of languages.  In the United States there are over 9 million Lutherans.

Lutherans Know Jesus Christ

Lutherans build their lives on Jesus Christ.  They believe Jesus Christ is the only, perfect, Son of God. They believe that Jesus died for them and for every person in the world.  And, Lutherans believe that Jesus rose from the dead and lives for them - and for all people who believe in Him as their Savior.

Jesus brings people close to God.  Lutherans believe their lives - today, tomorrow and in eternity - depend on Jesus.

Lutherans live with a sure hope of eternal life because of Jesus Christ.  They know they're not perfect, that they stumble and fall in their daily walk with God.  But they also know that their forgiveness has been won and paid for by Jesus Christ and when they repent and seek forgiveness, God will forgive them because of Jesus.

AND, they want to tell others about that Hope!

Lutherans Are Congregational Based

Lutherans have other distinctive beliefs:

* They view Baptism and the Lord's Supper as means by which God offers people His grace.  They call them sacraments. Through them and the preaching of the Gospel, God gives forgiveness and eternal life.

* Local churches, or congregations, are the central community for faith and practice.  Congregations choose a trained person to be their pastor.

* Chirstian education is important.  Lutherans provide Sunday schools, Bible classes, home-study groups, preschools, elementary and high schools, and colleges and universities.

* They share their faith with individuals.  Collectively, they sponsor mission programs worldwide.

* They care about people in need - providing hospitals, help for children and families, and worldwide relief for the hungry, homeless and helpless.

* Their worship style, which includes a lot of music and singing, is often "liturgical," following the worship form handed down from the early Christian church.  It is often expressed in contemporaty forms.

Lutherans Are Christians

Lutherans hold beliefs that are shared by many Christians:

* God is three persons in one: the Father, who created and sustains the world; the Son, who lived as a human being, died, and rose from the dead; and the Holy Spirit, who works God's will in the world.

* The Bible is God's word, spoken through human writers.

* Sin exists in every person.  It is the cause of the bad things people do to each other.

* Everyone will have existence after death - either in heaven or hell - forever.

* God has a plan to end the world, when He will judge everyone - both living and dead.

Lutherans proudly display the sign of the cross, a symbol used by all Christians.  The cross symbolizes the atoning death that Jesus suffered as punishment for their sins.  The cross is the place of God's glory on earth and includes the wonder of Christ's resurrection.

How Lutherans Got Started~
Lutherans take their name from Martin Luther.  He was a German priest who sought to return his church, the Roman Catholic Church, to its apostolic roots.

Through his study of the Bible, Luther helped the Christian Church rediscover the truth that God is loving and that He offers forgiveness and eternal life as a free gift because of Jesus Christ.

Luther taught that people - no matter how hard they try- cannot earn God's forgiveness or a place in heaven.  It is a gift that people receive through faith in Jesus Christ.

Sadly, the Pope rejected this teaching and excommunicated Luther.  He and his supporters were forced to organize separately from the Roman Church.

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" God is passionate about
 being in a relationship with us"

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