Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Worshipping with Trinity Episcopal Church
120 Broad Street ~  Claremont, New Hampshire 03743 

Back Pack Mission Ministry

The Mission of Trinity Episcopal and Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is to feed hungry children in the City of Claremont, NH. To meet our mission, our combined ministries provide weekend bags of food (backpacks) to children who live with food insufficiency. Often children do not have anything to eat on the weekend. School nurses identify the number of children within the school building who have inadequate nutrition and are always hungry.

The nurses at each elementary school and the middle school notify the church office of the number of bags of food needed. Throughout the school year the number fluctuates but averages 50 bags per week. In addition, we provide the school nurse at the high school with snack items for hungry high school students.

The food is purchased in bulk so that each bag receives the same nutritional food items that children can prepare themselves if necessary. The items vary weekly.

A few examples of the types of items included in the “backpacks” are a 5oz. can of tuna, 12.5 chicken in a can, tuna helper / chicken helper, 15 oz chili in a can or stew in a can, 18.5 oz Soup—Progress or Campbell’s 18oz, canned spaghetti sauce (no glass), spaghetti pasta, loaf of bread, English muffins, fresh fruits, & two snacks.

The church does not know who the children are who receive the “backpacks”. On Thursday morning a group of church volunteers fill the bags with food. Each volunteer delivers the number of requested food “backpacks” to a school.

School nurses will often tell us that students start dropping by the office to see if the food has arrived. Principals and teachers report that the children cannot learn when they do not have adequate food to eat.

The “backpack” ministry is totally funded by donations and grants. We are blessed to provide this program to hungry children in Claremont and are very thankful for
any funding to make this ministry possible.

Jacquelyn Hall
Senior Warden Trinity Episcopal Church
Claremont, NH

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