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We Are All One!

Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church has donated funds for David's Nepal Families and will again support David with his next trip to aid these wonderful families in Nepal.

                 February 2, 2012
      ...And the winner of the Tea Table raffle is....



                  Thursday, January 12, 2012

                      First annual Furniture Raffle for the kids

From David:::

Hello-hello---Here is the story and photos about a little Nepali Tea Table...

Several years ago, in a fundraising effort for the children of Nepal,
I attempted to hike the 271 mile 'Long Trail' through the Green
Mountains of Vermont. This was a good idea, except for the fact that I
incurred an ankle injury at the 55th mile. From that point forward,
each step felt as though a laser beam was burning through my Achilles
tendon. With each step I questioned my task and came up with this
thought....."If I'm willing to walk for weeks through the woods to
raise awareness and tuition money for these kids, why not spend a
similar amount of time in my studio creating a piece of furniture to

While recently visiting the village of Bhimapokhara, I mentioned my
idea to my good buddy and fellow woodworker Dil. In response, he had
the idea to make ~me~ a table. Naturally I liked the idea, and so he
built me a small tea table as shown in the photos here. It's a cute
little table. It's size is 14" x 21.5" x 14" tall.                                  

Now, for my most recent fund-raising efforts, I've copied Dil's design
and made a table in Black Walnut to raffle. I see this table as the
beginning of an annual furniture raffle to support the scholarship

The annual amount needed for the education of these kids is $8620. So
far with this current effort, we have raised $2930. My goal is still
$5000 and I'm hopeful we will get there. I thank those so far that
have contributed. Some of you have pledged, but haven't yet found the
time to write that check. Whether you want to be a part of the raffle
or just want to make a donation, 100% of your contribution goes toward
the kids education fund. Any donation amount is appreciated. Tickets
are $50 each and 3 for $100, 4 for $150, etc. I'm really hoping we get
to $5000!

RAFFLE DRAWING DATE WILL BE:  February 1st, 2012

All checks must be received by Monday, Jan. 30 so your tickets can be
placed into the drawing.

Tax deductible checks can be made out to:

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
David Heinz/Nepal in the memo line

Sent to:  316 Parker Hill Road,  Springfield VT  05156



Hello all,

I've recently returned from my 4th visit to Nepal. I'm very happy to
report that, with your help, we've made a substantial impact on a
remote village 3 days from Kathmandu. We can't change the entire world
all at once, but we are able, in small concerted efforts, to nibble
away where possible. I would never have guessed that my first
volunteer work seven years ago would have blossomed to the degree that
it has.

My first visit there was in 2004, and since then there has been slow
and steady progress. The most recent wonderful development is the
addition of two new classrooms added to a new second level of the
school. Electricity is now wired to the school, and to my great
surprise, they have a computer lab! Seven years ago there were 46
students in 5 classes. That number has now grown to 88 students in 7
classes, plus the computer lab. Together we are paying to have two
additional teachers to assist in the teaching of English. For the
first time visiting with the children in the village, I was able to
speak with some of them in English. That was a pretty heartwarming
moment for me.

And now the best part of it all -- a local business man, Chudamani
Gautam, is stepping up to help. He heard that an American was
gathering funds for the 8 boarding school kids, and he felt obligated
and moved to do his part. He was the one responsible for the
additional two classrooms and the computer lab.

Importantly, all of this has happened due to the generous nature of my
friends and family. Together we started the educational ball rolling
down the mountains and hills of Nepal. That ball is now slowly but
steadily gaining speed and is becoming self-sufficient. My commitment
is still to see these 8 kids through their boarding school years. That
will be through class 10. Several will soon be graduating and I was
petitioned while visiting the village to help with college funding,
but I didn't feel that would be a wise move. As it stands, it will be
6 more years until all the kids are through to class 10. That seems to
me to be the right focus for now.

To view new photos of the kids and updated photos of the school,
please visit my blog at

I'm hoping that you all will still offer your financial help for this
village. A small amount of money to us here is still such a large,
meaningful amount to them.

This year I am making a small tea table that I will raffle in mid January.
Tickets will be $50 each and 3 for $100, 4 for $150, etc. My goal for
this effort is $5000. I will soon be posting a new blogpost with more
details on the raffle, the table and how it came to be.
As we get closer to Christmas and you are checking off your list of
gifts to purchase, please know how important your help has been in the
past and would continue to be greatly appreciated now.

As Christmas draws near, maybe you need a gift for someone, but just
can't think of the right thing. A donation could be made in the name
of that someone and your gift could be the gift of education.

I'm now working in conjunction with Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,
Claremont NH, in order for your donations to be tax deductible. Thank
you Prince of Peace.

Checks can be made out to:

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
David Heinz/Nepal in the memo line

Sent to:

316 Parker Hill Road
Springfield, Vt

Blessings and Peace to all this holiday season,


Words from David~

It was January 2004, when a volunteer trip to Kannyambadi, India and Bhimpokhara, Nepal started the next chapter of my life. Feeling grateful for the opportunities given to me in my lifetime I wanted to share my good fortune with those who were less fortunate. After researching ways to give my time, skills, and energy to people living in developing countries, I signed up to help build and repair schools with the organization, Global Volunteer Network. See photos below.

A common question asked by some has been, "why do work in such a far away place when there is so much need right here in our own country"?

This is a good question and one that has caused me to think long and hard about my actions. The opportunities for advancement of any kind are so limited in remote third world locations. We here in America take so many things for granted. Any child in the US has the opportunity to have a proper education. Certainly some have better opportunities than others, but as a rule the education system in America is very good. That can't be said for remote villages in countries like Nepal.

I believe that we have the opportunity to share our abundant wealth with these small villages that in this day and age, still don't even have electricity. We have the opportunity to give the gift of a proper education to those less fortunate. To allow these children a chance at a life other than that of subsistence farmer. Using this forum, I am raising awareness about the circumstances of a large portion of the worlds population. If we all think a little harder about the ways in which we spend our hard earned money, together we can impact the lives of many children and in turn the future of their communities. There are many ways in which to assist those less fortunate than us. I'm hoping that together we can pool our plentiful resources and share them in a way that will offer hope and opportunity to an otherwise impoverished community.

The children in these photos have been selected by the villagers of Bhimpokhara, Nepal to receive scholarships to a boarding school located 3 hours from their home. The funds to pay for that schooling have thus far been generously donated by my friends and family. I am committed to helping these children by sponsoring their ongoing education. The more help I can enlist in this process, the more children can be offered a better chance at a life we so easily take for granted. If you'd like to find out more about helping these kids, please send me a note (

I believe these children living far from us need our help as much if not more than those living around the corner or at the end of our block. For in the end you see, we are all one.

2011 is the 5 year anniversary of David's initial sponsoring of 8
children in a small village in Nepal. Since then he has fund raised
and received financial help from friends and family including many
here at Prince of Peace. He will be returning to the village this fall
to celebrate the 5 year mark.

If you would like to donate funds to "David's Nepal families" please
contact Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church at 603-542-2761
for more information.

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